We Indians have this unique habit. We believe the rest of the world is quite racist. The white man ill treats us because we are brown. They take away our brain power and make us work like dogs and look at us like dogs. The Black guys are all thieves and they are all out to get you. We have no idea how the Chinese are doing so well. Tiny, unassuming looking folks that they are. The French are all drunkards and Bangkok is good only for partying. The people in the Middle East are just too religious and too rich and don’t allow you to do what you want. Those guys do not know how to enjoy their life.

We Indians, are of course, perfect. Even if we slice at each other in the name of caste, sub-caste, religion, language, street name, city name, the clothes we wear and the vague idea of a 5000-year old culture that nobody really understands.

And this culture, we believe, tells us that everything Western is bad, a view endorsed by the Father of Our Nation. And since he no longer exists, there are people who have taken upon themselves to ‘protect’ the morality of India.

I perhaps do not have the words anymore to describe the disgust or the rage it induces in me. It makes me sick to think of the things they do in the name of morality. And it sickens me further to know that the majority of the media does report it only to get TRPs higher.

Who is responsible for this degeneration?


I say that despite being from the same community. It is media who put the thoughts of immorality in people’s minds. They are the ones who objectify women and make programs where it is okay to mock women who wear western clothes because hey! she has no morals anyway. They are the ones that stringently censor words like ‘kiss’ on television but have no qualms broadcasting violence on television.

What happened to progress? What happened to freedom of choice? Every day I read articles about how ‘progressive’ we are because an NRI couple started a green initiative in India, while the main papers carry plenty of non-progressive news including rapes, thefts, murders, honor killings and more. Apparently, that is progress.

The funny thing is… even as I hear the media express ‘horror’ over the Mangalore incident and before that, Guwahati, and before that Delhi and Mumbai and plenty of other cities, I hear murmurs of people saying this had to happen. What else would you expect would happen to people who drink *the horror* beer! And are chilling out with girls. I mean what other possible reason could be there to hang out with the opposite sex if you are not gonna have sex with them, especially if you have alcohol there.

Like all the movies tell us, and ‘sting’ operations on rave parties tell us on the news, if there is alcohol, there is bound to be drugs and combine those two with girls, those girls have to be prostitutes who are there to be ravished. Why would any decent girl have friends of the opposite sex, or drink, or smoke, or go to a party. Decent girls, as we all know, go to college, come back home at 4 PM and study so they can marry a good, successful man and bear many children. Good boys go to college, never look at a girl, can never talk to a girl, return home, study their big fat books and become engineers so they can marry the nice girl and help her take care of those many children.

They do not feel the need to ‘relax’ – such a western concept. And they do not know what ‘drugs’ or ‘beer’ is – another western concept. And of course, they have no sexual urges whatsoever because, well, they have never heard or thought about it though every newspaper has photographs of skimpily dressed women on their front pages. Those things are shown only in movies and every one knows those things they show in movies are as make-believe as unobtanium, the Navi clan and Jedi Knights.

Even when every newspaper talks about Sunny Leone as a pornstar, nobody ever knows what porn is. She is just another well-endowed actress. And even if we tend to forget these things, there are movies like Cocktail that pretend to be new but serve the same old cocktail story of ‘bad girl never gets the girl’ in more trendier colours.

Instead of rooting for FDI and all that shit, we should close our doors, go back to a single Doordarshan Channel and protect our morality by separating the sexes. What other way is there to protect our oh-so-precious 5000 year old culture, temples filled with ‘interesting’ carvings and songs that speak of love and lust?

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