There have been various versions of the song, interpretation to the lyrics and I mostly hear people singing R.E.S.P.E.C.T when they are drunk and on their way home.

Sure, it was a fun song.

But in the country I live in, I’ve been realising that there is a sheer lack of respect.

Oh I don’t mean those lessons we were taught in a specially designated class called ‘moral science’ in school. It has been drummed into us to respect our elders, people who are different and all that. But despite such training, we as Indians, have a strange apathy and lack of respect towards everything.

We do not respect personal space. We do not respect boundaries. We believe it is our right to barge into other people’s lives, go through their mail, comment about what is for dinner, their curtains, their choice of sofa, their children’s school and everything else.

We do not respect anything around us. Be it the pale paintings on walls, hoping to instill some respect and not have people peeing or spitting where they please. We do not respect anyone’s belongings, and if we do happen to notice anything, it is more of envy.

We do not even respect ourselves, sometimes. Let’s not even talk about nature and all these far-off, ‘not connected to me’ things.

How did this happen in a country where we insist on respect in every single aspect of our life? We are told we should be a good host, be accepting, be nice etc etc. You know the lines.

But all we do care about is making more money. Or pretending to protect our culture, which are are not even fully aware about.

Respect, indeed.

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