All our lives we are told that bring good begets good things. We are told to be nice and that the bad guy will eventually face their karma.

We continue to believe that through everything. When the bully breaks your favourite toy. When the guy who didn’t study but managed to score a better grade than you by cheating. When someone less deserving gets a promotion.

You tell yourself or someone else tells you “don’t worry. You’ll get your chance and he’ll get what he deserves”

And you hold on to it.

But sometimes that voice inside me asks “Really?!”

Because I have never seen that happen yet. I have never seen the guy who cheats post the price for it. I’m yet to see honesty and loyalty be rewarded. I’m yet to see an honest person earn what he deserves.

In the world of business, what you can delivery is important.perhaps there was an age when how you deliver was equally important. But not anymore. Even the biggest companies don’t care how their resources are being treated as long as they have the results. Apple, anyone?

And being honest and upright is seen as a sign of weakness.

I know many of you will tell me to hang in there and that things will turn around.

I know it will. Maybe. But it is pissing off to wait and get only a pat on my back while the rest of the world matches ahead with lesser talent but better marketing skills than me.

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