The Wedding Photographer

We choose photography out of a deep love for photography. To create something new. Of course, there is something glam about it as well. Sometimes. Most people don’t realise the amount of work that goes in behind the scenes. But that’s okay. The hard work Jeeps the weaklings from becoming photographers.

It is easy to put up a Facebook page, get 50 of your friends to like it, post a few images and call yourself a photographer. But that’s okay too. This is the world where we coexist with Justin Beiber.

But as a photographer, why do we look down upon done forms of photography. It is cool to be a fashion photographer. You are Arty and maybe a little dry if you do interior photography. You are fun if you do food photography.

But if you do weddings, ummm… It is not spoken so much in polite company of other photographers. Why is this divide?

Hell, I shoot weddings and I sometimes distance myself from it. I’ve my reasons but I never classify myself as only a wedding photographer. Because I do a lot more.

It struck home today when someone said wedding photography didn’t count. They had a better opinion of me when I said I do other stuff too.

Weddings are tough. Sure, you know your money shots and then you have a few extras. But unlike a studio set up, you very one chance and a few seconds to get it right. A wedding photographer works as hard as any other photographer. Then why are we snobbish about this?

Is it because you have so many people doing it? Or the money? Or because it has been around forever? I like to shoot people… And though I can’t give my clients photos of their uncle sozzled and doing an imitation of John Travolta at their wedding, it is fun. And I can take photos of the uncle dancing for my amusement.

True, people are obsessed with perfection on this day to the point of inanity sometimes. But every client wants perfect photos.

Why are we dismissive towards wedding photoshoot?

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