Just A Rant

This is what started it off – a message on Facebook that said ‘hi… I’m looking for a photographer to shoot some stuff but I can’t pay. It’ll be a great learning experience for you and you can add this to your portfolio. If interested, please send me your work.’

Innocuous enough… But something snapped when I saw the last line.

There have been plenty such messages. And sly jokes against such people too.

But it continues to baffle me how people expect to get work done for free – for your benefit, of course! – but want to see your work before they hire you. Which translates to – I want really good work but I don’t think I should pay you because working for me is an honour?

Or does it mean – I get to judge you and insult you by not paying. Or I think there are morons out there who do really good work and I’m gonna cheat them by not paying, and using the mantra ‘but that guy said he would do it got free… So why should I pay you.’

I actually don’t get it.

There are several people who use this statement. They want everything free and judge you for it.

For these people I say, if you want quality, you pay. You can’t expect to have your cake and eat it too. you can’t not want to pay but still want to see the work. Someone wants to shoot to learn. Let them. Or do it yourself. Get a friends with a camera and have fun. You’ll learn why professionals charge as much as they do.you’ll learn how much work and love go into it.

And there are people who would give in to it this because they believe this is the way too drum up business and have a portfolio.

Do these photographers realise they are not just setting a bad standard for themselves but are also killing the market? And insulting themselves.

If you want to learn, shoot. Shoot everything. Play with light. Play with the subject. Get close to your camera. Assist others.

You don’t go on a professional shoot without having any knowledge, all by yourself. That isn’t learning.

If you think you are good enough, charge accordingly. Not do free shoots just so you can say you did that. You are insulting yourself and and other photographers when you do that.

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