A Country of Simple Emotions

There is a curious feeling in the air. Perhaps it is that feeling of fear, or apprehension, of an impending sense of danger around the corner.

The country, which seemed simple, even if a little chaotic, seems to be filled with strangely idealistic people in power. Of course, idealism can be good, but in such vast quantities, it can be dangerous. Combined with the kind of hunger that exists in our country, it can be fatal. That hunger, combined with their ideals and age old traditions, they head out to worse horizons.

Perhaps it is the age of internet that enhances these values. Or was it always the case and the age of the internet merely highlights this behaviour? A little hard to fathom.

But these dangerous morons see the internet as their enemy, as they rightly should. They worry about how people now have access to all areas of their lives. Their phone calls, their emails, their correspondence is no longer sacred. A tiny hidden camera under a table, a microphone hidden in a pen and the contents shared worldwide through the media, so the entire population knows what they are upto in moments and it keeps on growing.

Of course, we believe that this spread of information is vast and powerful. The truth perhaps lies somewhere in the middle. For there do exist in huge pockets of the country, people who know nothing of what is happening in two towns away. They are content with grazing their cows, drinking their fresh tea and their biggest worry being when the rains are coming that season.

They do not care about the bigger politics of the world. They do not care if a gunman shot down 15 people are a glitzy restaurant, the sort of which they have never seen out of a movie. The motivations behind such an attack are as surreal as a movie to them. When they watch it on the news, if they get around to it, they perhaps think of it as a movie. They believe that once the program is over the people will get up and go on with their lives. Their brushes with the police is when a cow gets stolen or someone’s daughter runs away with a guy from another caste.

That is when they take the ‘law’ into their hands. They perhaps do not even consider it ‘law into their hands’. They see it as defending their honour the only way they’ve been taught to. They kill. They live with it. A blood feud starts to end a few generations later when both sides are too tired or too broke for such quarrels. Wish the country’s politics were as simple. With the force of a million sentiments behind them, at least in some part, the country’s politics are pushed further and further beyond reason.

They are pushed so far where the entire country rejoices the death of one man. One man believed to be the enemy. Death, they believe, is the final answer. That is perhaps a gentler answer.

It definitely is more gentle than the things that come to my mind, all of which involve keeping him alive. Keep him alive, keep him locked up alone and flood him with literature that makes him realise a world beyond what he was taught. Turn him from a soldier into a man. A man who shudders to think of the lives he took, who cries at the atrocities he launched.

But we remain simple people. Death is the simple answer. The people would not see the longer story. They want the story to end in 3 hours. We aren’t a crowd who are familiar with seqeuls spreading over years. Our stories are long but at the endo f 3 hours the people walk into the sunset. The dangerous morons want this. A sequel could mean a change of many things, including a loss of their power. Time, after all, is transient.

This is a country where I live. A country ruled by emotions, cunningness and plotting rather than careful planning of the future We waste resources, we blow up people and hten we pretend to be simple.

This is the country we live in.

A country of simple emotions.

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