The Miracle of Bhagat

What exactly is Chetan Bhagat’s credentials? Wikipedia lists him as “Indian author, columnist and speaker.”

Other sites flog him as the best thing to hit India since cell phones. 

Due to a couple of mediocre books, and a great amount of brilliant PR, he has been doing the rounds, spreading his IIT gyaan. IIT was the reason for him to grow big. If his first book was about anything other than IIT – the holy grail of all engineers – would it have been so popular? The book was like the Twilight characters for India. It could be anyone, who faced a stroke of luck. And he walks away with the girl and the plum job in the end – the Indian’s requirements for an orgasm.

It was a simple plot, badly written, but with all the topics that can churn up our very outright emotions. And released at the right time. 

His books since then have been as mediocre, sometimes worse. But getting a foot in the door is what matters and he has made his money since then talking about stuff where he considers himself an expert. Which is everything.

He got a position the ad paper of India as a columnist. He got a couple of movie deals and his latest book is a readymade script for Bollywood.

Yes, I am ashamed to say I have read his books. They are available at every railway station and they cost less than a well-made sandwich. And they manage to put you to sleep within 50 pages. 

A recent blog I read made me wonder why this man was so popular. What made people listen to him? His credentials of IIT? And the ‘speaker’.

(Side note: What does ‘speaker’ even mean?!?!)

There have been people with far more intellect and interesting things to say whose voices never get heard. Why does this man get this space? His words of wisdom are flogged through colleges and they are hollower than Deepak Chopra. He is asked to speak at the Jaipur Lit Fest, along with people like Arundhati, Rushdie and others who are known internationally for their quality of writing and achievements. 

What exactly are Mr. Bhagat’s achievements?

I, for one, refuse to take his words seriously. Refuse to even consider looking at those words. Because he is yet another drunk guy in a pub who managed some words of wisdom that got written down. I find far more interesting statements at the local watering hole.

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