Your Life, Not Yours.

We hear quite often that the internet has made our lives a lot less private. Anyone who knows where to look can find out where you shop, what you like to shop for and what you watch.

The arguments of people who made this possible is that people want to share stuff with everyone. What they perhaps forget, or do not ever realise, is that there are some parts of our lives that we rather keep private or to a close circle of friends. This includes little things like your personal email ID, your home address and perhaps other things as well. Most of the ‘authentication’ codes for your telephone banking, internet banking etc often include a 4 digit number and your birthday / email ID. I believe this is ridiculous, but what poor ol me know. 

Despite all this, we never quite realise how much of us is online till it is staring in the face. You never realise when someone is cyber stalking you till your account gets hacked. Stalking is perhaps never like in the movies. Nobody sends you photographs of yourself, or letters written in blood. They perhaps do not even start turning up everywhere.

They watch you quietly in the background, following your posts but never reacting on them. They read what you write, they devour your every action without you ever realising that they exist.

Recent incidents made me aware of how thin your privacy has become in this internet-driven world. And we cannot really escape it, even if you use blockers, routers and whatnot. 

NYTimes had published an article eons ago about a site you could use to hide your IPs. Even for generic sites, for emails and such. They were a group similar to Anonymous who believed that internet freedom was your right. That the big brother up there does not need to know who you are mailing or what site you are on. 

I’m sure there is a drawback to that as well but perhaps it is time to resort to such measures to stop people from coming into my home uninvited.

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