The Mother

The dilemma – gift the baby, the mommy or both.

Motherhood is a life changing moment. I know.

But what are the aspects of your life that change according to your control and according to others decisions. Because you chose motherhood, do people stop seeing you as an individual? Does it become all about the baby? 

It is the age when marriage invitations stop and baby shower invites begin pouring in. There are various friends in various stages of pregnancy and baby shower plans are in full swing. Which brings us to the question of gifts. 

The one that most people ask is what do we gift the baby.

Living in a country where gender identification is illegal during pregnancy, it is best a guessing game. Most people stick to the traditional gold / silver jewelry. But in all the frenzy about new borns, the mother remains somewhat forgotten. The one who goes through months of gastric problems, back aches, small bladders and hours of labour remains relegated for the rest of her life to the role of ‘mommy’. Mommy isn’t recognized as much from the moment she assumes the mantle of motherhood. 

The attention, gifts etc are all focussed on the baby.

This loss of identity and gaining of identity is something that we all accept. But when your own friends refuse to acknowledge you as a person as well, does it make you pause? 

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