Boredom Scribbles

While representing your country’s culture is quite crucial at an event like Cannes, why on earth do our movie people insist on wearing the most horrendous possible creations on the red carpet?

Vidya Balan insists on playing the Bharatiya Nari with her heavy saris and full-sleeved blouses, which sometimes seem like they were made from drapes and sofa covers. Agreed she has a heavier figure, but why make it heavier and pay for extra baggage too. (Yes, Sabyasachi isn’t really my top designer).

Sonam Kapoor – the only thing she has going for her, other than being Anil Kapoor’s daughter, is the mistaken tag of ‘fashionista’. So she wears clothes that are a cross between 15th Century and goth. And yes, long earrings.

Blah. This is too boring to even talk about them.

Topic Shift.

The next thing Google thinks I should read (should I be worried?) is a video of the woman who claims to have “First Kissed and Wear a Bikini” on Indian screen. How long before this video ends on “Funniest Videos”?

Is Instagram the new trolling site for local, high class hookers? A hashtag search for Bangalore pulls up a ton of selfies, mostly of women in various poses. And many of them say “Call / Whatsapp Me”. A search for ‘#food” also pulls up photographs of various selfies. Coding error or am I missing something here?

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