It is almost noon on a breezy Sunday

It is almost noon on a breezy Sunday afternoon, and yet it doesn’t quite feel like one. There are piles of laundry to be done, rooms to be cleaned, things to be sorted and the mind to be geared up for the crazy week ahead. I could use a couple of days – full 48 hours – to get myself sorted. And then another 48 hours to sleep and read. 

Even in the age of smart phones and tabs and internet on the go, reading is a thing that I rarely catch up on. The pile of books I mean to read keep growing, there are plenty of articles and debates that I have not read. True, people say I just need to subscribe to RSS feeds. But that means I read only a bunch of articles that I need to have a pointed interest in. But what about all those blogs and little sites that keep cropping up and are fascinating? Those hidden articles on NYT or Foreign Policy that do not turn up on your RSS feeds. And blogs. 

I visited Google Reader again, my one last salute given that it is closing tomorrow. Google announced the closing of the Google Reader such a long time ago, that I’d forgotten. I like the Google Reader. Google might claim that its users are declining, but from the reactions out there, it doesn’t quite seem true. Google had a good product here. An awesome product, actually. I could sort my feeds into categories and browse as required. I could put anything and everything on the reader. And no matter how hard I try, I haven’t found an equivalent product.

Google’s claim of declining users seems a little silly, given that it had far worse products and continued to keep them on. For instance, Google Hangouts, which feels like someone is holding a gun to your head and asking you to ‘hangout’.


Social media is getting increasingly annoying. There were mornings when I would log on to Facebook for a quick update about lives and news. Now, I feel like I’m scrolling through a never ending photo album of minutiae of people’s lives. Soon, people will starting posting what shape their shit looks like. Or maybe they already are. Photographs of food, big monuments, flowers, birds and bees and as if this wasn’t information enough, Facebook’s new feature which is equivalent to a background score in a movie. They tell you what they are feeling – after a long and annoying status update. 

Every time my mind thinks like a status update, I automatically put it in a shell till it learns to talk normally.  

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