Being in the world of communication – via reporting, PR or photography – I should be an expert. Infact, I do call myself an expert to clients. But in the past few weeks, perhaps it is an overload of the word but I have begun to hate “communication”.

There is a constant inflow of messages on various platforms – text messages, calls, Facebook, mails, LinkedIn, Whatsapp and a few others – and all of them need an instant reply. I often forget to reply simply because I do not have the mindspace to compose intelligent, coherent, diplomatic replies to each of them.

This has backfired quite badly, even in a professional capacity. In hindsight, perhaps if I had written a mail to the client giving them a status, I would have been better off. The client wouldn’t be pissed, I wouldn’t be frustrated and things would have been a lot better. 

I began to think of the ways I could harness all my forms of communication into a simpler, easier way. One article I came across (by chance) mentioned that you do not check your email as and when. You check your email and messages at specific intervals and you “allot” time to reply to that. I did think of doing this. But when you are juggling two equally important and equally hectic jobs, it is hard to ‘allot’ time to reply to emails. 

I get an average of 5 emails per hour, and at least two of them need some kind of action. I get about 4 whatsapp messages every hour, and some of these can be ignored / delayed. 

But in this world of chaos, delay actually means never.

Which means I have a pile of pending work and I do not know when I’m going to get around to finishing it. I have missed conversations with friends, funny jokes that could have perhaps lessened the drama of the day, meetings that could have been important and proposals that could have fetched me what I was looking for. 

What I would really appreciate – an app that I could tap and it could record my “to-do” list as I speak in bullet and sub-bullet format. A decently working voice command (Sorry folks, i’m not an iPhone user and i shall never be) that understands my voice and my accent and will not write “porn” when I say “pen” or some such other innocent word. 

Communication, indeed.

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