The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wall Street, they say, is more addictive than any drug in the world. It isn’t even the money that is addictive. It is the surge of power, the adrenaline when you are making a bid, the rush of beating others… the game of making money is what is so addictive.

I was reminded of that strongly when watching The Wolf of Wall Street. Of course, we watched the Wall Street of the late 80s and early 90s. Right after the Black Monday of 1987 and before the Black Monday of the 2008. The period when all the Wall Street dudes thought they crashed, burned and were phoenixes that were reborn and they were Gods. Before the follies of their mega-billion investments came to bite them back on their cocaine-riddled asses. 

The movie, with the combination of Martin Scorcese and Leonardo DiCaprio is everything that you think it would be. DiCaprio makes you forget that you are watching a man acting a part. You think that you are watching someone live it on screen. Better than any scripted reality show on TV today. And the story, created on the memoirs of Jordan Belford has all the seaminess and the thrill required for a Wall Street movie.

It makes you wonder if making money on the Wall Street is that easy. If you have followed the literature of Wall Street, you’ll know that it used to be that easy and you wonder why you weren’t born a couple of decades before. Every woman wanted to marry a trader or a banker… the ones with their $2000 suits and rolex watches and apartments in Upper Manhattan. Every man wanted to be that guy. 

Money… the counting and facts and figures has never been something of great interest to me. But even I can get drawn into a story about Wall Street. Because this is where fairy tales turn into reality. A poor, community college graduate can end up becoming a millionaire because he had the vision and was at the right place at the right time. 

Be it watching a movie like this one, or reading Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst, you feel that burst… that buzz inside you. You sit through the first 50 pages of Warren Buffet’s biography and you realise why the man got to the position he was in. You sit in front of your computer typing out a breaking story, knowing that it has the power to move worlds… and make or lose money for a lot of people… nothing can ever quite beat that rush. Which is the reason every business reporter… hell! reporter… sticks it out there for so long. To get that story that can shake the world and make you feel invincible.

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