Money Money Money

Money money money. 

Everyone’s talking about it or thinking about it. And according to one NYT article, a little too much thinking and talking about it. Apparently, there is a condition where you could be addicted to money. Considering my account is always mostly empty, I’m either not addicted or I’m constantly jonesing for a fix.

The NYT Article was nicely written. A former trader and his life of money and drug addiction (somehow the two always seem to go together). And he eventually talked about how he realised he was too addicted to making money and it had stopped being enough. It was the power that money brought along that was addictive as well, he said.

Perhaps only a rich man can write something like that. Perhaps only a rich man who has left behind the memories of not having enough to pay bills could talk about giving it all up. Well, either him or Buddha.

As much as we would like to live without money, the world is fashioned on money. Even the internet world has its own form of currency. We would all like to imagine that we could live off the land. Grow what you need, eat what you need. But then you have taxes, you have to buy seeds, pesticides, pay for the water and the electricity to pump the water. So you begin rearing some sheep to pay for all of that. And then you’ve to buy hay, or at least some amount of it. And you need to vaccinate it or face huge losses. So you start growing more to sell the fruit. But you need someone take the fruit to the market, so you need a vehicle or some form of transport. So you make a barter. And before you know it, you are back to money etc again.

Who made those oddly shaped pieces of paper so popular? Why? 

I don’t want a fancy car. I don’t want a fancy house. I prefer a smaller house and a smaller car. Yet they tell me that these simple things need bagfuls of money and I need to pay for the bags too.

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