You wake up to the smell of summer in the air. But instead of that warm glow it used to bring, now it reminds you of those carefree days of summer. That hint of summer in the air meant the end of exams or almost and two whole months of absolute freedom ahead.

You wonder when life began to get so complicated, when your dreams got so big that you’d wonder if you can achieve them or not. You pick up your cellphone, loaded with notifications and instead of the glee, you think of an article which said you should not look at your cellphone the first thing in the morning.

Little pings of the cellphones mean more work stuff rather than friends with something silly. In fact, something silly begins to annoy you because that means the extra effort of opening the phone again and wasting precious time. 

You start the morning with a smoke and a bowl of fruit, as your concession to health. 

You pause midway, looking at the fork in one hand and the phone in the other with the latest news and you wonder – when the hell did I grow so old!

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