Goodbye 2015

I tried to recall where I began the year… the early months, you know. But honest to God, I can remember the first day of the year… and then the rest of it blurs. I need to concentrate to remember what happened in 2015… that’s how weird the year was.

A handful of trips… one of the few train trips in recent years – that was a memorable one. I cannot even recall what I did for my birthday, and that’s a little strange because it was the big 3-0. There were a lot of firsts in the year and strangely, I cannot recall what I did for any of them – which is a little worrying for someone like me. I do remember things… or did, despite a deplorable memory for some things.

The highlight of the year was the grand trip to Spiti – a landmark trip for several reasons, and for the place in itself.

I guess I need to look back and remember that I just cannot let things go the way they did in 2015. The haze-covered, work-fueled, hysteric, hamster-on-a-wheel routine.

There were good spots… but a lot fewer.

So instead of trying to rehash it, here’s hoping for a better 2016!

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