Life Sucks, and Then You Die

That’s what we used to say when we were younger you know… and at that point, it seemed funny. But when you are on the other side of adulthood, when the decisions are yours to make and the responsibilities that go with it, you really, truly realise what that statements make.

You feel like slipping away and you wonder where it went. When you stopped to take a breath and then just forgot to move. Except, it feels like you aren’t really breathing much either. So you are just… taking up space and air?

Life sure sucks… it was designed that way by sheer human will. You are expected to toe certain lines that were apparently set up by ‘society’ that doesn’t do anything but set rules. It doesn’t lend a hand when you are down, but will lend a foot to kick you down more. But you are supposed to ascribe to the norms set by society. You are supposed to dress the way it wants,talk the way it wants and not do what feels right to you, simply because it is not right according to society.

A few decades ago, they still burnt women on their husbands’ pyre because society demanded of it. A few decades ago, most women couldn’t vote, couldn’t marry without the parental approval, and couldn’t even study because society deemed it so. What has this society given us but grief and why do we continue to bow to it.


Blogging is a way to vent. To share opinions. Except, we aren’t really designed to hear every single voice in the universe. Imagine if you had the ability to do that… you’d go nuts. Social media has brought that ability to us and you really, really don’t want to hear those millions of useless voices, each of which has an opinion and none of those opinions, including yours, matter in the bigger scheme of things.

There should be a way to turn down the volume. There is, actually. Get away from social media. Turn off the numerous TV channels blaring into your room.

There you go. Some semblance of peace.


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