Leia, the Gypsy

Who Am I?

Tough question cuz “me” is a fluid concept. Every time I think I have me figured out, something changes. And sometimes, I don’t like the change and I’ve forgotten what was. So this is a journal to remind me of what and who was and maybe a trail of crumbs to find my way back out of the forest.

Or maybe it is just some random scribbles which make sense only when you are sitting by the stream (or waiting for your metro) jobless. But hey! It is sure entertaining cuz its gossip.

(Photo credit for the shoes image: Fabbrunette)

PS: All thoughts, notes, scribbles, opinions, perspectives mentioned here are my own. They are responses to the stimuli of the world… but have no reflection over any company/organization/group/planet I might be associated with. Repeat: My thoughts, no affiliation.

7 thoughts on “Leia, the Gypsy

  1. are you an indian muslim youth? i am doing a research project and i need to find blogs of indian muslim youth
    thank you!


  2. I was browsing randomly on wordpress and happened to see your blog. You have such a beautiful writing style. I particularly liked the posts “Previous Post”, “Indian Weddings”, “a question to the girls”. Keep writing.


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