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I found this blog today. It is a fashion blog… but a little different. Called “A Dress A Day,” it is all about finding those vintage dresses in flea markets or whatever and make them into these really funky dress/tops etc. It is incredibly creative and a little inspiring.

Actually, inspiring enough to make me think of the pile of clothes in the bottom shelf at the back of my wardrobe… all those clothes I fell in love with and bought despite them being a tad too big for me and realised they didn’t quite hang right when I got home. I always do that. Buy it because I figure I’ll grow into it (duh!) or cuz I love it so much that I figure it’ll fit me right anyway. And then I hate it and don’t quite have the heart to throw it out and so it sticks in my wardrobe, till years later (and I’ve done this only once in my 25 years) I finally throw it out or give it away.

So this site is quite good an inspiration to make those subtle alterations except for two things:
a) I hate sewing/stitching and all those things. Sewing a broken button back on is pretty much all I want to do, which brings me to…
b) Sewing a broken button back on is pretty much all I can do I think. Now, there is a sewing machine in my house but I think my parents would have a heart attack if I sat down there to do anything at all.

But it must be fun to be so creative and stitch your own stuff. I am not saying that I am not creative… hey! I am. But clothes is a different ball game altogether. And if I did sew, it would save me so much agony of shopping.

*Side rant: Whose sizes do they make those beautiful clothes for anyway?*

Anyway, I spent most of the day looking at photos, when I wasn’t off writing about the world’s hungry population dropping. Yeah, apparently despite rising food prices, floods and droughts this year, there are fewer hungry people in the world for the first time in 15 years. I wonder if the mortality rate from natural disasters is also taken into account. I am not too convinced about the statistics. I mean 900-something million people are undernourished – that is it? But then if they UN says that, who am I to argue?

At least I am writing things that I care about… even if it is off a press release and a few random quotes I manage to get from experts. UN food reports, the food crisis, riots, the economy’s ups and downs… quite fascinating it is and makes me think a little. It perhaps also inures me to certain things. Like this article on Outlook I read recently by Arundhati Roy… she starts of talking about the CWG games and the human rights disaster it has been among other things (One line sticks out quite well – We are cleaning up the cities and herding poor people out of the nation’s capital to pay homage to games that were established for the British colonies). And then she moves on to talking about the Maoists, the Naxals and other violations that have happened in the country. The article went on for a while and I mostly skimmed through the end of it… but a friend of mine seemed to have a strong reaction to it while I was… unaffected. Maybe it is because I don’t think Roy is particularly fascinating. I love activists but when you have the tag, your message gets a little buried sometimes. But it isn’t that with Roy… the article was just too long. Or maybe it was simply because I’ve been reading tons of stuff about this forever. Maoists being killed, violations in North East India, army people shot to death, human rights violations in a million other ways.

It is a part of life and I do my part when I get a chance, and sometimes if it only a rant on my blog, perhaps it will make a difference.

Some believe in signing up for causes on Facebook. I did too… but then I figured what the hell was I doing? I mean what is the point of clicking “like” on ‘We are against female infanticide” on a social networking site? Who hears you anyway? Yes, we all hate it. But how does that make a difference unless you go out there and talk about it. Unless you step up when you have a chance… be it infanticide, or standing up against eve teasing.

It might seem quite innocent… a whistle, a guy copping a feel. But it isn’t.

Anyway, I discovered a whole new plethora of sites today… and I got some work done. And I still have stuff to do. Plus I’m inspired to really do something but I can’t figure out what. I haven’t painted in a while, nor have I written anything in longer. Photography has been the creative expression and that moves in bursts, usually.


Link of the day: As posted above 🙂


When Bollywood met Cricket

Lalit Modi, whatever his other faults maybe, managed to combine the two biggest brands in India – Bollywood and Cricket.

Did he tweak some rules, do some under the table work for this? Maybe. (I was reading up about him wondering what exact career path the man had taken, and it never has been too clean. Anyway….) But the general public doesn’t really care about it. Infact, all of that might just add more intrigue to it. After all, Bollywood has the scandals of who is sleeping with whom and cricket, every since the match fixing scandal, is used to things like this as well.

And this is also a common man’s dream – all those beautiful women they see on the screen are now smiling at them standing a foot away… So I guess as long as the matches weren’t rigged, most fans will not just care but even forgive the ‘managerial’ issues.

So I guess it was only a matter of time before Sahara entered the picture, and there was “IPL Awards” ceremony. And when that happened, ShahRukh Khan was the most natural choice to host it, along with Karan Johar.

SRK is an entertainer. And a very astute businessman too (yes, KKR lost. But check their endorsements). But the man has molded himself into that exclusive ‘entertainer host’ position. I enjoy watching him any award ceremony… perhaps he is one of the few guys who has the clout to make certain statements and get away with it (Actually, I respect the guy ever since he refused to bow to the Shiv Sena over the My Name Is Khan movie) or the writers figure he can take a little heat, but the script is no longer politically correct. And in an atmosphere (both cricket and bollywood) where everyone is being saccherine sweet, that is such a relief.

He made Rahul Dravid and Saurav Ganguly dress up women, Adam Gilchrist dance, he ragged Yuvraj Singh (that’s pretty much all I saw actually)… and it was fun. (And we’d like to imagine the ragging some of the guys would take in the locker room). As opposed to Bollywood where everyone is polished and tries to speak in english etc etc, cricket has (had?) people who were picked for talent one and are only one developing the pretenses. It is nice to see people from humble origins making it big… remember Yuvraj Singh when he first came? Before his playboy days? Virender Sehwag, who couldn’t speak english. Harbhajan Singh. OF course, that trend is fast changing. Fancy suits, shiny hair, dancing and white shoes.

I do wonder what will be the future of Indian cricket though? I mean… the national team is already using the IPL as an excuse for their pathetic performance in the World Cup. “Parties caused fatigue” apparently. Which is exclusive to Indians alone, the rest of the world played alright.

Haven’t football clubs been doing this forever? Can David Beckham complain about fatigue?

Oh well… considering the amount of money in both these industries and the public appeal, both of them had to come together on an official platform sooner or later. So yeah, it is a larger-than-life, all the money you can blow, all the booze you can drink fiesta which leaves people a little uneasy and extremely hung over when it is over. And makes some people who were in the right time at the right place, extremely rich.

The rest of us.. we watch, and we envy.

Side note: There were quite a few ads of paan (what is that rajnigandha sorts called) while the awards were on. And I notice there are several familiar faces now advertising these things. Have the people gotten cheap or these companies making so much money that they can hire these notable names for their ads now?
And Nirma found a new girl.. and she is no where as cute or hot as Sonali Bendre. Oh I miss those old ads!! The Liril girl dancing under the waterfall – most of them made in big in Bollywood, starting with Juhi Chawla. Sonali Bendre trying out bracelets in Nirma. That little girl in a white frock circling around and around for the Nirma Washing Powder (I even remember the jingle). And the Diary Milk ad – where the girl dances out into the field to hug the blushing batsman when he hits a six.
Most ads these days aren’t half as interesting. The cutest I’ve seen is the Tanishq one. Some don’t make sense. Some look good so you don’t mind that they don’t make sense. Some just have big names. And some have asses like the Reebok one. I did like the concept… of course, today I noticed that they showed only the shoes, no more butts.

Song of the day: aahun ahun – Love AAj Kal

SRK & Other Things

Some quotes I came across in a blog on The Telegraph:

Its (Shiv Sena) leader, Bal Thackeray, is like a godfather. His modus operandi is to whip his people up to a frenzy, and then it’s up to them what they do. He can be charming in person, but at the other end of the line you’ve got people getting murdered in Muslim communities. It’s not a joke.”

He (SRK) continues to put forward a moderate line, with a dignity you might not expect from a 44-year-old man whose career consists largely of dressing up in tight trousers and miming to someone else’s vocals.

What is the fuss about the movie honestly? Why hasn’t the Shiv Sena been branded a terrorist organization yet? Or some tag that can simply break up that organization. They are a menace to the society who seem to get more violent and delusional with time. Now they’ve a problem with the title of a movie. Do they remember that India is a secular country?

For once, I do respect Shahrukh Khan for not bowing to their threats and changing the name of the movie. Of course, he is one of the few people who can withstand a bit of heat and luckily has the balls to. Amitabh Bacchhan did as well but his political agenda perhaps doesn’t allow him to take the high road. Maybe SRK doesn’t really have a chance in Mumbai due to his heritage, which in all the years of being a Bollywood star, ever has been a problem.

Anyway, I like the second quote… a lot of foreigners I’ve met have loved Indian movies or absolutely horrified by it. “All that dancing and running around trees and musicals!” they say.

And though I went through a little phase of not liking some movies, I am back to loving them. Yes, we’ve had some horrors that should be forgotten but it is nice to see a no brainer (with a couple of nice songs) – like Iktara from Wake Up Sid… it flows with the movie without making you sit through a ridiculous dream sequence with men in tights and women in tighter skirts and fat legs shaking their booty with great effort.

To all the Indians (or whoever have seen the 80s movies) – remember the big hair, the bright pink… suits? oh god! The fashion!!! Shilpa Shetty in Baazigar to Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother!! Karishma Kapoor. Or even Julia Roberts for that matter.

Thank god the season for big hair, weird suits in bright colors and platform heels has finally passed!

Fashion Talk

I visited one of my favorite fashion sites after a long time – Jack & Jil. And it left me a little nostalgic, a little frustrated and a little envious again.

The nostalgia is for the time in Italy… probably the only time where I was so super wowed by the women uniformly. Boots and trench coats make a statement no one can miss. And Italian women would probably give up… well not pasta… but they would not give up those kick-ass boots and coat.

The frustration is for the sheer lack of fashion here. Yeah we’ve our share of fashion shows and all of that but where are the shoes that make me drool and buy them regardless of the knowledge that my feet will weep for misery. Where are those dresses that raise eyebrows? Where are the women who wear them on the street?

That is what is missing – street fashion. Sheer, clear nerve to wear something that most people wouldn’t think about. Perhaps it is the conservative society or the fact that generally Indians are not as adventurous, even our most daring fashion falls short of what I saw in Italy or even in Australia, where they aren’t that fashion conscious (in the tourist city that I visited. Not Melbourne. Melbourne is heaven!)

Of course, I’ve never really attended one of the fashion weeks in forever. And I don’t care about that. i want to see people dressed weirdly on the street!

And I never really realise how skinny those models are till I saw this picture –

How does she live? Is she alive? This is when I really begin to think there is some truth in what all those activist groups keep saying about ‘portraying a wrong image’.

I never really thought that people would be influenced by those skinny models… for one, you don’t get size 0 clothes in normal stores. But apparently, girls do starve themselves willingly to be like this.

And that reminds me… I need new jeans. 😦 Nightmare finding that perfect pair of jeans.

Song of the day: Avril – Sk8r Boi