Call for Help

She is 6  months old.

She was abandoned by her mother, then adopted by the Forest Department officials who then ran out of space and money and is now living in a room in a kind family’s home. The room is smaller than those places we lived in during our college days…

The family is loving and caring and they manage to feed her decently as well.

But that is not where she should be. She should be in the wild, running free. But it might be too late… she is like a house cat. So she would need help to be rehabilitated into the wild. A zoo would be a good option except no zoo in India has the space to take her.

There are people who are willing to “adopt” her and even work with rehabilitating her into the wild, except that needs government approval – which we are not getting. Who knows why!

Would really appreciate anyone putting me in touch with anyone who could help. Or pass on the message till it reaches someone who can help. Let’s get her home.

Save The Tigers Project

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that there are only 1411 tigers left in India. Actually, considering how many regions tigers are found in rest of the world, the overall global population of tigers is probably less than 10,000.

So we got the message – save the tigers. Do NOT be an idiot who lets an animal gets instinct in your lifetime. I have received several text messages, emails, invitations to groups on Facebook and any other group I belong to. I see ads on tv with famous people wearing tshirts saying “save the tigers”.

I just have one simple question – HOW?

Somehow, in all the conversation and planning the ad campaigns, they forgot to tell us how. I cannot go out into the wild and bring a tiger home. I cannot set up a fence around the tiger. I do not go into the forests with a gun and shoot them down. So, how can me, a normal citizen, living in a concrete jungle, save the tiger? What do I do?

Because I really want to do something. Merely contributing money to yet another organization which says they help wildlife doesn’t really help.

So what on earth do urbanites like us taking up space do to save the tigers?