Other Lines

My Top Favorite TimePass Sites:

The Oatmeal – Full time pass cartoons
The Vigil Idiot – Film reviews on cartoon strips
The Motley Fool: For the finance whiz or the finance fools
Fail Blog: The ultimate in the stupid things people do
Noupe: The magazine for design and architecture and everything in between
JPGMag: The photography magazine

(For more Top Favs, check the home page)

Fashion Blogs:

Japanese Fashion
Jak&Jil – The best of European fashion, unorthodox
Fashion Collage
@What Katie Wore – A boy makes a website for his girlfriend. What she wore everyday.
@ Indian Fashion

Get Creative:

Blah to Tada – Little tips to make little waste useful

General Rants:

@ Auburnette
@ FabBrunette
@ He Said/She Said
@ Leonie
@Mad Momma – Tales of a mother, the brat and the beanie


@ Little People: A Tiny Street Art Project
@ Jacob Murphy

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