Today 1.1

There are thought swirling in my head and itching to be written down. But somehow the auspicious moment where I can sit down and write just hasn’t arrived yet. It is too hot and there is an underlaying layer of frustration and annoyance simmering, a little magnified by the heat as well perhaps. Bangalore has never been so hot this early. I dread summer and wondering if there is a possible way to install an AC in my house, to hell with global warming. Luckily, my mom is still rational and a strict environmentalist (to the extent she refused to buy an AC car for so many years), so our house will probably be the only one in this lane to struggle with fans.

For most people this isn’t a problem… they are usually at work during the hottest part of the day. But for me, I am at home. And i’m at work when it is nice and pleasant like now. Bangalore doesn’t really seem to be aware of these weather disruptions. People wonder why it is raining at the odd time of the year and complain about the heat. But the bloody ministers authorize cutting of trees without any regard (or in the name of progress) and take off to cooler climates in the name of whatever by April. I remember the canopy formed by trees on most roads when I was a kid… now, there are a handful of roads that boast of this.

The electricity board cuts their share of branches saying they touch the wire. The water board or the road-laying authorities hack off the roots and  more branches stating they hamper transport, laying of pipes or are scared the branches will collapse on the motorists during heavy rains. What is left is a stripped, tall tree.

I am a little frustrated today. It has been the weekend of cancellation. I woke up yesterday to see all my plans cancelled. A little disappointed but I figured I’d a movie to look forward to today. But in the morning, one of the movie party had a meeting to attend and the other canceled because she was having a ‘girl-viewing ceremony’.

Perhaps that was the last straw in a weekend of disasters. The point wasn’t that she canceled the movie… the point was we were unaware of the fact that this ceremony was even going on and we are supposed to be the closest friends. We’ve been friends for nearly 10 years and she knows how close we are. Sometimes I wondered why she would back out of trips, or had to be bullied into any of the more elaborate plans. And today it just struck home when I realised she had not mentioned the most important part of her life to us. Where do we literally stand in her life? We would get an invite for her wedding like everybody else?

And I further got mad because she backed out because of the change in schedule of the guy’s family. They wanted to come early and she had to jump through hoops. After all the conversations and arguments about how much women give up when they get married and all the compromises that they make, this is what we get.

Yes, I am pissed, rational or not.

Song of the day: Emotional Atyachaar


12 hours is how long I slept today. I meant to go out but every time I woke up there would be a bunch of messages waiting saying ‘plans canceled’. So I watched a few ┬ábad movies and went back to bed, till I got so sick of sleeping, I dragged a friend out to eat chaat. And eat I did… so much that the guy at the counter was wondering what on earth was wrong with us. He would tentatively ask “would you like that to take away?” when we would order yet another plate of something. And there was a whole bunch of college kids who stopped nudging each other about two pretty girls and my big-ass camera and started nudging about how much we were eating.

My bed is covered with ants, ironically, due to the fresh laundry I did. I dumped it on the bed and somehow one shirt is covered with ants that decided to crawl all over my bed and bite me through the night.

There is an all night music fest happening in the city and I’m wondering WHY I am not there. Oh I know why – because everyone I was supposed to go with CANCELLED! I wanted to go to a concert forever and here is one – all night in a city that shuts down at the cindrella hour – and i’m at home, awake at 2 AM. More, there are all the moronic people I know at the concert, or are calling me for directions. WTF.

I want a carton full of icecreams, strawberries and cream. I want a pile of books and time to stretch endlessly so I can do all the things that I neglected to do today.

Song of the day: Pirates of the Carribean (