Dressed for the Globe – WOW

Now the stunners…

I’d start with:

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde:
I’ve no idea who she is. And then I found out that she’s the one in Tron. I’ve not seen that movie… but she definitely was a stunner at the Globe. Sheath dress… sparkly. Feels a little princess-y. You know… the ball gown types. But it suits her. And the sparkles seem to be in this season… as you’ll see further down this list. I actually would love to own this dress!

Design by: Marchesa

Amber Riley

Amber Riley:
Told you sparkles were in. And here is a woman who knows how to dress those curves. Being big isn’t a bad thing… you just need to know how to be dignified. Love the dress, love the belt and most of all – love the smile.

Design by: Oliver Tolentino

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson:
Is it just me who sees this trend? All the starlets showing off skin… and all the big stars wearing full length, demure gowns? Or maybe that’s not true… remember Halle Berry? Catherine Zeta Jones? (okay she was covered, even if in carpet)… Or the big ones have the better dresses? Oh never  mind… I just love this dress… very ‘spring’ types.
And I always though she had this made-for-sin body and face… like all the roles she plays… but she looks like cool, english maiden in this. Totally unlike Vicky of Vicky Christina Barcelona.

Designer: Elie Saab

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock:
I should’ve listed some better people here and stuff… but the thing is a lot of magazines are comparing Scarlett’s dress to Bullock’s and they vote for the former. I don’t think they are similar at all… except for the colour. And if you do by that, there are so many more actresses who have the same colour. Pastels seems to be in this season. But I vote WOW for Bullock too! Note the trail in particular? Very spring… reminds me of this Boticelli painting.
She has horrible posture though!

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman:
The beige parade continues… but it looks classy. Maybe it is the woman, maybe it is the dress… You decide.
I’ve always been a fan of clean lines. I’ve no idea why this has been voted a ‘miss’ though. It ranks in my WOW list.

Designer: Prada

Dianna Argon:
More pastels… there is something to be said for class.

Designer: J.Mendel

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria:
Now for some other extremes… black. The woman definitely knows how to put herself together.
Designer: Zac Posen


Sofia Vergara:
Okay… bold pink isn’t particularly a colour people dare to wear to such an event. It makes you really stand out (and can be a disaster as Julianne Moore found out). But with the right attitude and the body, it can look simply stunning.

Angelina Jolie
Might as well get this out of the way… I’ve been saving her for the last, mainly because I’m undecided if this should be ‘Oops’ or ‘WOW’. I guess it is all about her attitude… and the way she carries it off… puts this in the WOW. What do you think?
I guess it was the expression on her face that made me pause… she looks… pinched? Skinny? Is this the other extreme of pregnancy or is it the result of having too many kids running around the house?

Jane Krakowski

Jane Krakowski:
Talking about pregnany, Krakowski simply looks glowing. Perhaps it is the pregnancy or that vibrant colour and the blond hair, but it just radiates happiness.

Mandy Moore:
She hasn’t particularly been one of my favorite actresses but this dress – LOVE IT!

Helen Mirren:
Classy, simple, elegant, stylish. Age doesn’t really have to make you go frumpy.


Tina Fey: 
Simple and beautiful in an L’Wren Scott


Dressed for the Globe – Oops

Okay I’ve been meaning to do this for a while… and I warn you right now, if you do not like fashion, frills and silly-ness, go away from this post right now.

Golden Globes and Oscars are important… the winners of those awards gain another year in mileage, regardless of age and such things. Sales of  dvds also go up because there are always people who want to watch an ‘oscar-winning movie’. But the most fun part is the dresses. Who wore what and how did they look. The men… unless someone wear a Scottish kilt, an Indian kurta, a Japanese kimono, we don’t care. They all wear white and black and maybe a different tie.

But the women… So let’s start…

Bad Bad Badl:

Natalie Portman:
Nominated for Black Swan. Except, what was she thinking????? It looks like a silk towel held together by a rose. Huffington Post said this was one of the best dressed women but apart from the beautiful peach colour of the dress and that Tiffany chain around her neck, I really can’t see why! You’ve got that awesome figure (with all the ballet training and stuff)… show it off… or hide it properly!

Dress by: Viktor & Rolf

January Jones:
Now I’ve no idea who this woman is. And she’s wearing a Versace…  but I just found it a little bizzare for the Globe. It isn’t bad… it is really good actually… but it still comes in the ‘off’ list. And then the shoes… Black pumps… I do agree a lot of people won’t look waist-down, particularly in this case… but black shoes? Couldn’t she find like maybe… red, peace, golden, silver?

Jennifer Love Hewitt:
Is that a shell there? She wears a Romonoa Keveza (hope I got the spelling right) but it just looks so… off! Too many pleats… May it is just me… but I don’t think too many people can carry off that sheath look.

Sarah Hyland:
Are pastels the colour of the season? And I know you are young and have awesome… upper body but trying to squeeze that into something a size smaller than you just isn’t the way to showcase it. She got everything else right… if only someone had fixed the the rest of the dress, she’d have been a killer!

Julia Stiles

Julia Stiles:
Now, I love this girl. I love her movies… particularly “10 Things I Hate About You” (Heath Ledger <3) but this one… she looks like the wicked witch of the west… especially with her hands on the hips and all that. What is with the fringe, the trail? The dress is yet another Romonoa Keveza…

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones:
Yet another woman whom I considered to have an awesome sense of style. Is that a carpet she is wearing? Like what on earth is that even supposed to be? Why is she wearing that? Who let her out of the house like that?

Dress by: Monique Lhuillier and Van Cleef

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway:
I think she forgot to change her clothes after the movie Alice In Wonderland. Or she got so tired of being the White Queen and wearing white (and looking bleached) that she went the other way and picked out the blingiest thing possible. The dress isn’t bad… I like the colour. If I could get past the bling. The back rocks though. Total stunner! I’m actually a little divided on this. Vote for it. “Oops” or “WOW”?

Designer: Giorgio Armani Privé

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez:
This one should have been at the top. Like really really at the top. Here are things I’d like to tell Ms.Lopez – White is a colour for weddings, for the bride. Veils are worn on the head, or like… in a more artful way. Never tie up your  hair like that which makes you looks all… pinched. And when you do all that – do NOT paint your eyes to resemble the Oriental style. That look suits only those who are born with it. You are a beautiful woman! Celebrate those curves… but don’t draw a line so severely around it. The dress is gorgeous… it would just suit someone who didn’t have to look like they’ve to stop breathing to wear it.

Christina Aguilera:
Yet another disaster – bad hair day + trying to be a mermaid. I actually like this dress… if it had a high collar. And minus that lace and flesh combination. But right now… I feel like a South Indian actress – known for their voluptuousness –  is trying to fit into a dress made for Shilpa Shetty. Celebrating the curves is something these women need to learn – the right way. Look at Amber Riley!

Halle Berry - Whaaa!

Halle Berry:
I really want to weep… all my favorite women – dressed horribly! Did she forget some of the accessories at home? Like a wrap? Did something get caught in the limo door or something… I mean what possible excuse could be there for THIS?! Agreed, for a 44-year old woman, she does have an awesome body. Much praised. But it looks like she walked out of the gym or something. And this being a Nina Ricci dress!!!

Mila Kunis: Huh is alllllllllllllll I can say. Check out the image here. It is a Vera Wang – I had high hopes!

Julianne Moore: I will not post the picture, because it might just blind you! If you REALLY wanna see it, click here.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum:
Now I know you are supposed to be one of the most beautiful women in the world and all that… but turning up like you were at a beach party in California for the Golden Globe is taking arrogance a little too far. There are little girls out there who adore you, who  imitate you. Don’t teach them bad habits! Not that you don’t look gorgeous and all… and love the shoes. But the dress? Really? I was a little shocked to find it was a Marc Jacobs! I thought it was a sarong you picked up, tossed a belt around and voila! (or almost)

(Okay… this was a long post. Guess I’ll make the “WOW” another post… Will link it soon, if you that lazy :-))