The Sanjay Leela Bhansali Controversies

Sanjay Leela Bhansali (or SLB as he is referred to since we hate long names) has been known for movies that are essentially a walk through a beautiful palace, with some characters in between to display great clothes & jewellery. There’s a two year gap between his last movie, Bajirao Mastani, and the new one, Padmavati. And there’ve been controversies on both.

  1. Queens don’t dance. It is insulting to show them dancing!
  2. Costumes: Queens don’t wear such costumes. They are dignified and covered
  3. Intimate scene between the King and a woman! Uff!
  4. No problem with the actors but not sure if these were the ones who should’ve been. chosen to play these characters
  5. Insulting to culture!bhansali-first-poster-padmavati-deepika-padukone-sanjay_08aca446-9e79-11e7-ba2d-20fa1b34073f

Which movie were these issues for? Why, both! Same issues. New meaning to “Formula movies”?

A Ticket for the Chennai Express

I cursed at the crawling traffic and wondered why people were not out of town since it was a long weekend.

Bangaloreans have a tradition. If it is the long weekend, most of the Bangalore crowd would be seen at one of the scenic locations 150-300 kms away from the city. This is one of the best things Bangalore has to offer… plenty of getaways within a few hours drive. But uncharacteristically, most of them seemed to have piled up on this huge road, honking and shouting like always.

The culprit on this particular evening turned out to be Chennai Express. Not the train. The movie.

It has been a while since I saw a movie cause a traffic jam. They used to be the norm at a theatre in South Bangalore, with the traffic crawling out at 8.45 PM and the new crowd waiting to get in. But with the arrival of multiplexes, you see massive lines outside malls and you don’t always think they are headed into the mall to watch a movie. 

These lines belong to the era of old Bangalore when watching a movie was an ‘event’. It was not as simple as sharing an event on Facebook either. You checked listings in the newspaper – and they were accurate 99 percent of the time and gave all the details and theatres – picked the 9.30 PM show at a theatre closest to you. The youngest boy of the family who was just old enough to ride would be sent to book tickets for the show, generally a day or two away. 

On the night in question, the entire family would squeeze into a car designed for 4 normal adults and head to the theatre. There was an air of anticipation. Nobody bought popcorn before the movie. You just wanted to get in, get into your chair and wait to watch those images on screen. 

There was always a prayer before the movie began, with that ‘certificate’ nobody could read. The mellow tunes of Yash Raj Films would be followed by a zippy number while the cast was listed. Of course, these were still times when SRK’s name would elicit some whistles. He was popular while we grew up. My friends dragged me to enough shows on Sunday mornings for me to know that. The movies were entertaining. 

The interval was time for food. You had sated your appetite for stardom enough to think about the other kind of food. Popcorn, fryums, pepsi, perhaps a samosa. You munched on the popcorn, as the movie gained pace and reached some, usually happy, ending. You came out feeling righteous or romantic or whatever the movie intended you to feel. You hashed it over with your family as you squeezed back into the car. You replayed your favorite scene in your mind as your drifted off to sleep. You wished an uncle or aunt would come to town while the movie was still playing so you could watch it again. Or you could wait, you thought, till it played on TV. If you were lucky, the video tapes would be out soon. Or the DVDs.

Those were the days when there were massive jams outside movie theatres. 

It was refreshing to see the lines outside a theatre again, that too a dying one. I didn’t think Chennai Express would be the movie to get people back into the theatre in droves, but whatever works. For all the complaints I have against Shah Rukh Khan, there hasn’t been another star in our generation who can get people into the theatre like him. No, Aamir Khan doesn’t elicit his kind of a response for all his awesome movies and neither does Salman Khan’s jhakaas moves. It might not be intelligent cinema, there might not be a plot. There might not even be a brain cell left when you come out. But he does what movies were supposed to do – entertain.

Still… It doesn’t make me wanna line up outside the theatre. What does that say about me?

Frieda Pinto

I came across this post about Freida Pinto. The post is a month old… but it a question that hasn’t still been answered.

Why hasn’t the Indian population accepted Freida Pinto?

It is rather surprising, particularly given our tendency to ‘own’ even second-generation American Indians like Bobby Jindal or anyone who has the slightest hint of Indian ancestry. And here is a girl who his as Indian as she can get, and yet there has been a reluctance in the Indian media to go hyper over her.

Personally, I find her a lot more charming and capable than Aishwarya Rai, whom the media likes to tout as the one to break into Hollywood. Rai almost ruined one of my favorite comedies – Pink Panther and hasn’t really been heard of much in California.

Pinto, on the other hand, has been making a stream of movies. I haven’t seen many yet but which other Indian actress can claim 4 movies in Hollywood and gracing the red carpet for many events, and doing all that while being the epitome of Indian grace.

True, she isn’t beautiful in the traditional sense of ‘beauty’ as we define it. She isn’t fair, she doesn’t have those green eyes like Rai and all that. But she’s far more charming and beautiful than the current crop of Indian actresses.

“India will never accept Freida Pinto unless she proves herself in Bollywood,” a filmmaker acquaintance told me recently, the article read.

Bollywood – where we have women like Katrina Kaif – a definite hottie who really can’t act; Bipasha Base – ditto; Priyanka Chopra – as boring as yesterday’s news. How many of these women can claim substantial roles in commercial cinema? Proving oneself in Bollywood does not take acting talent, least for the women. It takes big boobs and nice hair.

Not all of Pinto’s movies have received rave reviews, nor has her acting talent. But some of it is due to the movies she picked, that got sad reviews… and some due to her acting. But she continues to shine.

And that isnt’ the point either… because since when did we start throwing away actresses because they couldn’t act. If that were the case, everyone from Katrina Kaif to Deepika Padukone and even Kareen Kapoor to an extent wouldn’t be around.

What is it that keeps the Indian media from going gaga over Pinto?

Harry Potter – R.I.P

I haven’t seen the last Harry Potter movie yet. I’ll get to it sometime… eventually.

I actually hate the Harry Potter movies as much as I love the books. But that’s a common complaint of a book lover. They go chop chop chop in the movies, stripping away all the interesting nuggets to make room for action. So the Potter movies had plenty of blasts and hoots but they stripped away some of what I considered the soul of the book.

And then they went a step ahead and even changed some of the book and I lost all respect for it.

I went back still, like an addict, to watch those movies… only to come out horribly disappointed and cursing those directors and even JK Rowling for allowing this to happen.

Yet, this last movie leaves me a little sad. Because it means the end of Harry Potter in a way the book had not envisioned.

I first discovered Harry Potter when some friends from the US gave me this huge, hard-bound book with a cover that isn’t found in any shops now. There was a skinny boy with glasses holding a bird’s tail and flying up.

“Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets” the title read and my friends hoped that I would enjoy the book that was currently the rage in the rest of the world.

It was like I was led into a chamber of secrets but with better stuff in it than what Harry found.

I couldn’t wait for the next one and then the next one, till I became one of those who booked those books long before it was released and rushed to the store first thing in the morning. Well, almost the first thing.

I devoured the last one and closed it reluctantly, like there was a part of me that was leaving. What was I supposed to read next?

I had found Harry Potter when I was about 12 or 13… and grown up alongside him. Harry, Hermione and Ron were as unformed as the world they were in initially. And slowly, Rowling added more to world they lived in as she did to their characters.

The movies progressed the same way. The only good thing about the first movie were the three kids. Adorable they were, though I wondered if Hermione was supposed to be so cute.

Here’s a trip down memory lane.

There honestly hasn’t been another book since that has caught me so much. It might be fantasy and fiction… but truly well written fiction can create a new world that seem equally real.

Rowling has been compared to Tolkien or Jordan. She never aspired to compete with any of them. What she did – create a universe that exists with our own universe, amidst us and yet away from us, unlike Lord of The Rings (still one of my favorites) or other books.

I’ve never been able to really read Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. I sort of forget what the sentence started as before it ends and I forget half the names of the characters before the page has ended.

I guess we relate to Harry more than Aragorn, Bilbo or even the siblings from Narnia.

The only consolation – rumors that Rowling is working on a new Potter book (though wonder how that’ll be) and The Hobbit is being made into a movie.

Edit: If anyone suggest Twilight or any of those books as replacing Potter or being as awesome, they shall be rewarded with one tight slap. Constipated vampires and anorexic girls do not make interesting reading.

Delhi Belly

If you really think about it, the entire movie is the result of one guy eating food from a street cart in Delhi.

But then again, it isn’t that simple either.

Delhi Belly is one of the best hindi movies I have seen in a long time. It is a tapestry where each thread delicately links to another. And like all Bollywood movies, it has a healthy dose of love/romance/sex and all that but set so realistically that you can help but laugh.

If Guy 1 had not eaten that piece of chicken, served by the hands of a guy who was rubbing his crotch before serving the food, the story would not have happened.

But his motivations and desires drive the story, giving it bizzare twists, right till the end. And this guy – he isn’t even like the ‘lead’ in the movie.

Like all Aamir Khan productions, the movie is clean and sharp. Every character has some reason to be in the movie, unlike hindi movies that throw in random cartoon characters for entertainment. Okay, well, maybe one such character exists.

There’s drama, there’s fun and there’s sheer bawdiness that doesn’t disgust you like the sly, thigh-slapping jokes of another genre.

I wonder why they are trying to block the movie from screening because nothing you hear is something you wouldn’t hear on the bus or metro on your way home. The conversation, the drama and the confusion.


3 guys… roommates. Arty types, if you insist – a journalist, a photojournalist and a cartoonist. A girlfriend – a little ditzy, as required and surprisingly well executed by Shenaz Treasury (apparently, the ‘wala’ has been dropped).

So she has to deliver this package and convinces sullen boyfriend Imran Khan to. But they pass it around, one of them falls prey to the fabled Delhi Belly and the parcel sorta falls low on the priority scale. But it does get delivered, and thereby the drama starts.

If you do think of it, it isn’t a new plot. It has been done several times, including in your own hindi cinema. But never with such flair and comic timing, and brilliant camerawork.

If you feel some the cinematography reminds you of some english flick… don’t complain. Least we got it right.

But never thought Delhi Belly would ever be something to laugh so hard about.

Break Ke Baad

If this movie actually had a break in between, I’m not sure how many people would’ve returned for the rest of it.

Let’s consider the things wrong in this movie…

The female lead, played by Deepika Padukone, is called Aaliya. Every movie that comes out these days needs have exotic sounding names like Aaliya, Alisha etc. And the female lead, in the ‘new’ genre of ‘strong’ women generally smoke, drink and are headstrong and totally pooh pooh theories of love and are ‘career oriented’. Unlike previous movies, they don’t shed their tomboyish attitudes till the last scene.

The male lead, played by Imran Khan, is called Abhay, in another cliche of making cutesy sounding names. He is the male stereotype of current cinema… and after failing to make a mark in how many ever movies he acted in post-Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na– he had returned to the stereotype – the man who is sweet and sensitive to the point of a toothache, cries, is patient and is basically Mother Teresa, Gandhi and Princess Diana rolled into one.

What is the main problem here? Not particularly sure… The movie starts out well, if cliched. Boy and girl are childhood friends and girl is from dysfunctional family. Obviously, they are both very well off, which is crucial for the Volkswagon Beetle, the plush rooms and all that. What surprises me the directors pay so much attention to ‘detail’ but completely overlook the fact that a girl and guy in their teenage years never really remain friends.

Anyway, this couple turned into a couple and have been dating. But then Aaliya or Al, decides she wants to go study Mass Communication in Gold Coast.

And that’s where my sore point No.1 comes in. WHY say Gold Coast when you pick some random, cheesy place in Australia with lame beaches, show a shot of the Bondi Beach in Sydney (that’s about 1000 kms from Gold Coast) for an example and then turn to the Great Ocean Road, which is in Victoria. Just say Australia and leave us be happy in our illusion. A normal tourist might think ‘oh this is Gold Coast’ but I lived in that city. I know that place and what you showed was not GC!

Anyway, to cut the long and boring story short… the couple have fights, the usual long-distance shit. Except Abhay manages to fly down to ‘GC’ after one drunken phone call from Al and some guy and beats up the so-called guy with Al, she breaks up with him and yet he continues to stay in the same place as her.

The place, by the way, looks like a shack outside of Goa. A rocky beach with a single bed, and the usual wood shack thing going run by an extremely plump Sameera Reddy (Nadia) who is a tattoo artist, bar tender, cook, slumlord and all those other things. And Nadia becomes Abhay’s godmother. Abhay discovers his passion in life is to really cook and that’s cuz his fellow taxi driver likes his food, opens up about 3 restaurants under a year as Nadia invests.

Oh yeah Al… she breaks up.. she hooks me and leads him on. She breaks up… she wants to be an actress, that her actress mom doesn’t want but Al lands a role in her first play at her first audition for a Hollywood flick, so mommy forgives all.

And then some more drama. Boy gets brainwave to announce his marriage, make her jealous and hey! It is you I’m marrying.

GAH! If there was ever a guy who was so patient and loving in real life, he’d have shot himself too by this point.

Zilch chemistry between the two of them. Imran Khan knew how to act, I thought but apparently not. Deepika has improved but is cliched and still quite wooden. And the director needs to realise that cute props and a great set does  not really make for a good movie.

Is there any reason to watch this movie? If it is the last DVD lying around the house and you are dead bored with absolutely nothing else to do. Make sure your DVD remote is functional though.


So I’m back to watching How I Met Your Mother and it is such a relief to see that all the characters are back in form. Robin looks hot and smart again, Ted looks cute and is geeky, Lily is back to brown her and is a little pudgy but will do, Marshall has lost all that weight… and Barney, as he always is, is awesome as ever. The jokes are almost smart, there is just enough sarcasm to keep you from focusing that Robin’s gotten a little softer. She’s more… teary and all that now.

I guess I get that too… after years of being the one-woman army, I find myself making more excuses and being more lenient these days. Perhaps it is age. Or just letting people be what they want to be.

I was at a party last night… and try as I might, I could not keep the small talk going. It is a slightly-known secret that I hate small talk. Sure, I manage to talk to sheer strangers. But usually, I hate the party small talk. But yesterday, I was one step away from dozing off. I tried drinking but I didn’t want to get drunk either. So everyone else around me kept falling down while I was only slightly buzzed and the drunk antics just did not seem funny any more. Ironically, the only person who really irritated me was the only one who was sober. Perhaps drunken-ness can be an excuse for stupidity sometimes.

I’ll be 26 in two months… and I just can’t even think of myself in most situations as a woman. There is still so much to do… that I wonder what on earth is the point of being 26. Someone told me that the reason I need to get married is so I can have kids at the right age.

So that is it? That is the whole and sole reason to get married? Procreation? There are enough humans doing it across the world without me having to add my two pence into this issue. Plus, I’m not even sure I’d want to bring in another soul into this really messed up world. There gotta be a better reason to get married so soon than just ‘have a baby’. Love, companionship etc. Nope, the only thing the person said was ‘babies’. Ugh!

I was watching this lame old Hindi movie today called “Silsila Yeh Chahat Ka” or some such thing. One of those last Karishma Kapoor movies because she got married and disappeared, with Chandrachur Singh, who just disappeared. The movie, the plot, the acting was so fricking lame that I wondered why a sensible woman would even choose to act in a movie like that. It is sort of like the question why Madhuri Dixit would choose to do a movie like…. the one with ShahRukh Khan and Salman Khan?

The highlight, though, was when the guy just leaves her… trades her for a bag of diamonds with the bad guy and walks out. She’s your secretary, how can you trade her? Logic isn’t really the top thing in Bollywood but seriously, some sense?!?!

Dhobi Ghat

This is a movie that would’ve been called an ‘art’ film a few years ago. Actually, it would perhaps have still been called that if Aamir Khan had not been involved.

And Aamir turns out to be the one off-note for the movie, which, surprisingly, I loved.

The movie is slightly slow. But it is funny, romantic, poignant without ever really sinking into melodrama. It takes a page from Slumdog Millionaire and portrays the gritty Bombay without making it indigestible. Infact, it makes it… romantic.

A friend said that many people didn’t like the movie because it portrays Bombay the same old way. After watching the movie, I’m not quite sure that I agree.

Bombay to me was and continues to be faded buildings pushed one too many together, people creating their own self spaces amidst the hurdles. The rains, the people, the dirt, the open air and peace at Marine Drive and most of all – the struggle, the eternal struggle, for survival.

There are so many ships that sink in this struggle and nobody particularly notices – the good and bad thing about Bombay.

There are two story lines… intersecting subtly, though not particularly relating to each other, but crucial to each other nevertheless.

By that, you can piece the story into four parts – the discovery, celebration, disillusion and death.

Discovery – the shaky shots of Mumbai, shot from a cab as a woman speaks about her trip into the city. She tells the cab driver that she has been here for 5 months, and is from UP, and marvels at the open space of the Marine Drive, even as children come begging but happily begin shooting for the camera when they see one.

Discovery – Munna… the laundry boy, the cleaner and you wonder what else… going about his chores in a slum in Bombay. He looks too healthy and cute to be from the slums but perhaps that is the point.

Discovery – Arun and Shai discover each other at Arun’s art exhibition and end up having a one-night stand. She gets pissed the morning-after and walks out, and Amir moves into his new apartment. Shai meets Munna, the laundry boy.

Celebration: Arun discovers the videotape of the woman ‘Yasmin Noor’… he explores Bombay through her eyes, a lonely housewife who seems to be filled with zest for life and loves to explore everything around her, even as her morose husband ignores everything. Her eyes sparkle and her smile is wide and she begins a video chronicle, we find out, for her brother.

Celebration: Shai and Munna become friends and she does his portfolio, he becomes her guide to the ‘inner Mumbai’.

Disillusion: Yasmin’s eyes fade… there is a weariness she tries to hide from the camera.

Disillusion: Shai discovers another face of Munna… Munna is confused about Shai and if she is just a friend or more. And Shai is confused about her feelings for Arun and her friendship with Munna, trying to choose which is more precious.

Death: Literally. Of several people. Of several interpretations of several relationships.

The thing about Aamir’s movies that I particularly admire is the casting. All the characters, starting from the maid, to Yasmin, to Munna to Shai are so natural that you believe you are watching real life.

Shai (Monica Dogra) has just returned from the US and is on a sabbatical and meets Arun (Aamir) at a pretentious art show. Munna (Prateik Babbar!) is half-confident, half-shy… maturing to a man almost that shows in hints of looks when he asks Shai questions about her personal life and blushes like a high school girl when complimented.

Shai seems incredibly natural as a vibrant woman, very at ease with herself, her insecurities and the pampered girl of a rich family who is pursuing her dreams. I won’t give away more of the story… because, even if it is slow, it is probably worth a watch.

Strangely, Aamir seemed to be the only off note in the movie… maybe he has become too big to play such roles. He is good… but given the naturalness of the rest of the cast, it just seems a little… odd.

I love the voice of the woman in the narration. I love the pulse of Mumbai that they captured so beautifully.

Of course they romanticized it… but love it or hate it, Mumbai will always appear romantic on film.

(This is written when the whole movie is fresh in my mind over the first viewing. Opinions could change and be a little more critical on the second watch. I think I would like to watch it again.)


You know those ‘FBI warnings’ that appear before a movie starts on a DVD stating that ‘piracy is bad’. I did like the concept… the way it goes ‘would you steal a purse, a car’ and stuff. But the overall warning – I found it a little funny, particularly when it would be running on a pirated DVD in the first place. Whoever rips those, ripped the entire movie onto the CD.

Piracy exists. And a lot of us even are a part of that. True story.

In the world of online property, there is a constant fight between those who produce the stuff and those who just want to own it. Nothing is sacred – movies, music, art, photos and now even books.

The thing is – how many of us really think of the fact that we are doing something wrong, much less breaking a law, when we download something? There are plenty of torrent sites… if one shuts down, the other is born almost instantly. There are always ways of going around the walls… and there are people who sit and devise these ways constantly.

The question is – where do you draw the line? A friend of mine who recently moved to the US was completely put off downloading when his roommate received a notice from Netflix stating he had illegally downloaded something. In the US,where such things are monitored, it is easier to track piracy. But in places like China, Russia and even India that have a complete lack of enforcement (if not the laws) of such things – what does one do?

People don’t draw the lines themselves. Everyone loves free stuff… so people would download free music, even if it isn’t to their taste sometimes.

DVDs in India continue to be above the reach of most people, even with the rise in earnings. Movies and music are mostly ‘luxuries’ and for those who really intend to delve deep into these worlds, they need to go hunting and pay more for such commodities. iTunes, which is perhaps the best way of accessing music, has locked down much of its contents, not to mention the last time I checked (which was a while ago) they said I couldn’t download music in India, even if I did pay for it.

I was annoyed. Here I am, willing to pay for the content and they tell me I’m not allowed simply because I live in India, even if I have a proper means of paying for it?

There are other factors that filter in… delays in movies releasing here, the outrageous prices of tickets (300 bucks or more for ONE movie per head? Seriously?)

These aren’t excuses for piracy… but they do make it easier to go the other way. But most people do not think twice about shelling out 50 or 100 bucks for a DVD, which has the same quality of one in the local store, that costs nearly thrice the amount. International movies cost more. Music CDs are almost a thing of the past… I love music but the only device that even plays these things is my computer.

But looking at piracy from an artist’s perspective –

I’ve had one artist friend tell me that he doesn’t care who downloads his music as long as people listen and appreciate. He puts up a lot of his music for free anyway. “Art isn’t mine once it leaves me,” he said.

I’ve another friend who hates the thought of someone ‘stealing’ his hard work.

I agree with both… I enjoy the process of creation and if someone really liked something I did and asked me, I would probably just give it to them. But sometimes, when a lot of money has gone into it and you don’t really have much left in your pocket to buy a cup of tea, you wish someone would pay for whatever you have done too. And that comes with the additional ego boost that someone loved it enough to really ‘own’ it.

JunkYard Groove posted this note on Facebook, talking about piracy that suddenly made me remember how much money goes into making an album. Particularly in the starting stages.

But since the beginning of Napster, a revolution has begun. The music world will never be the same again and the industry needs to find another way to make people pay for the music. Movies – yes, people would perhaps shell out for the DVDs. But music – that is an art which most enjoy and can be easily downloaded and shared. Even after one downloads the music, it is shared with others, sync’d and listened to on various devices. Considering the number of gadgets we carry with us, it is really annoying not to be able to transfer it on my own devices. One of the joys of music is, after all, in listening to it with others.

The same problem applies to online books. One of the joys of reading is sharing it with others. But here I am, paying almost $10 for a book (why the high costs when it doesn’t involve printing or storage or transportation) and I love/hate it but I cannot share it with a friend unless I lend my entire ‘library’. Of course, there is an easier way for this… tag the file such that only one copy of it exists. So if you email it, your copy is gone till that person returns it to you.

But that goes against the online concept where everything is always accessible.

The solution?

I really cannot think of one. I enjoy listening to music and there will always be pirated music floating around. When I buy music and share it with friends, I do not think of it as piracy. It is more of spreading the love. Do we stop people from sharing? Or do we just celebrate the greater cause of art?

(Edit: There was a huge controversy recently about a copyright on a photograph. Digital photos have flimsier protection than music. And now, to add to the mix, someone states that famous paintings and monuments should also have copyrights to the extent even photographing them and sharing it would be a violation. Where do you draw the line?!)

Marley & Me

I know this is an old movie. But on a quiet Saturday afternoon, without much good bad TV to watch, figured I would watch a movie about a guy and his dog.

Least that is what I thought the movie was all about, initially. A coming-of-age movie, with the girlfriend and all that.

I should’ve known the moment Jennifer Aniston walked onscreen that it would be a bust. I haven’t yet liked a single movie starring Aniston (and every time I think I’ve seen them all, there is some obscure movie that pops up).

The movie isn’t bad in the first half. Here is this guy who is getting married and doing the whole settling down bit, and is trying to adjust to it the best way he knows. Except he finds out on his wedding day that the ‘list’ his then-girlfriend and now-wife keeps talking about is actually a real life. With steps about how to go about life. So the steps of finding a guy and getting married are done. And then they move to somewhere warmer – Florida.

That is when you wonder is this like a decided move or she just decides for them. But you let it pass because this adorable dog – Marley – comes into the picture. And you are laughing at the dog’s antics and seeing how he tries to manage that monster. We all have had the new puppy and we know how much of a disaster it is in the first week.

Except from then on, it gets bizzare. The director tries to rush through the movie (and realise why at the end – there is still so much to tell). So Anison gets pregnant, loses the baby. Gets pregnant again. And again. And again. She’s like a baby magnet or something. Every time they have sex, she seems to have a kid. Thankfully, the director rushes through the pregnancies… or any other scent that might have emotional depth whatsoever.

I wanted to watch the whole movie. I really did. Because the scenes with Owen Wilson and Marley are quite cute and a little soul searching types. But the rest of it depressed me so much.

Here’s a woman who chooses to give up her awesome job as a reporter because she wants to bring up her kid. Here is a reporter who owns like a mansion. And then she keeps popping out kids before the earlier one can say ‘momma’ and then gets pissed off because ‘no one told her how hard it would be.’ Did she forget that bit about protection?

I didn’t watch the whole movie. It began really depressing me, particularly when you go the dog is going to die soon. The movie just loses all sense of fun and depth after the first hour and from then on, it is just like another hindi tear jerker, minus the tears or the good background music.