Photo class – Russell market

Photo class – Russell market
The best thing ant d Indian population is the friendliness. True, v cAn b annoying n loud n extremely rude. Bur perhaps it is the lack of space in d country bt d ” swalpa adjust maadi” idea realy works. Ppl don’t mind if u tk photos of their kids, them or weird things of theirs. Not just that, they also want u to taketheir photos, even of they cannot get a copy of it. Perhaps it us just the idea if togetherness that appeals to them so much. Y else wud u want random strangers taking yr photo?
And v r curious ant everything.. The idea that springs from the no privacy d factor again.
U ask ppl on the bus about what they do, how much they earn, where they work, if they f married or single n Pwrhaps even abr ue sex life. So when u head our with a camera they wanna know why n how. It’s cute n irritating at the same time.
N that strange fascination with white ppl. One woman who was with me today said she was glad she wore a salwar, given d plc v were in. She said v were gettin more attn in jeans. She didn’t realize it was the cams that got the attn.