The Day I Shud’ve Stayed in Bed

Blackberrys, iPhones, smart phones, touch phones, laptops and touch pads. Technology rules us and I’m fast growing sick of it. So much that I didn’t even want to write this. I actually scribbled on a piece of paper, till I ran out of time to write.

This is one of those days when I shud’ve stayed at home. There is nothing worse than being super busy, corrections and emails from your boss. Rather the super boss.┬áAnd the email being sent to every single person that matters.

It is a myth I guess that i work well under pressure. I need a little bit of pressure to get me moving but too much can really put me out of joint that I do thinks for the heck of it. And I make mistakes, which makes me more annoyed and hence more mistakes.

You know what they say about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? It doesn’t work when you enter the twilight zone, which is where I feel I am right now. everything is going horribly wrong and I’m super close to losing it!

I don’t know hy!

Why are my mistakes always so glaringly huge?!? They are rare but whatever comes across makes people forget all the good work I’ve done over the months. And praise is sparingly meted out anyway.

It is perhaps time to move. Pull out that address book.


Anyway, other things to take my mind off (not that I thought anything but what I was doing today. No reading ­čśŽ

Tiger Woods – What WAS with that apology? I hear it stopped markets and had most number of people tuning into it in a long time. The guy cheated on his wife. Got it. Cheated on her a lot. Yes. And then he apologizes in front of a camera, in front of the whole world? When his wife is not even in the room?

And now he is apparently undergoing the 12 steps treatment for sex addiction. Okay maybe there is such a thing. But how do you define it? How do you differentiate a cheating because from sex addiction?

More than half the celebrities out there have cheated on their wives. Boris Becker? Shane Warne? So what’s the fuss with this guy? They gain notoriety, fame, fortune… women are attracted to that and boom. It just means he had no will power and didn’t respect what he had enough. Finito. And how does this stop him from playing his game? Just because his secret’s out, he can’t play golf anymore? WTF!

In other news, there was a fire in a building just down the road from where I work. 9 people died I believe. It was the closest a tragedy struck home. And this is a popular building as well… housing some of the favorite weekend spots in the city. And I know it should’ve all been sad and upsetting, but the TV channels turned it into such a farce.

I absolutely hate it when they loop the same 10 second footage over and over again. In this case, it was of a guy jumping off the building (whoever shot it would’ve made tons!), people being helped out of the building.

Why can’t they interview some of the people standing there? Get some fire experts, building security experts to talk? In a normal manner that is. Just because there is airspace to fill, they keep harping about the same subjects. 24-hour news channels were the worst things to hit television and I say this despite being a journalist. Or because I am a journalist. It absolutely goes everything that we were taught or why we wanted to be reporters.

<^> More, Richard Marx apparently played at the Rock Fest over the weekend. Do not ask why Backstreet Boys (do they still exist?!?!?!) and Richard Marx were playing in a Rock Fest, but wish I’d known! Would’ve loved to see him in concert. I absolutely die for “waiting for you”.

<^> I realised I really do need to buy more formal clothes, there are sales happening everywhere but I lack the money, the motivation, the time and energy to go shopping. What a bummer!

I hope whatever this phase is, it passes soon.

Song of the day: Waiting for you – Richard Marx

The Day…

5 bucks in pocket. A ┬ámountain of bills to pay. A brain that’s not exactly functioning up to par.

That was pretty much me yesterday. How does a day that start so normal end up being surreal? I started out to meet a friend, had a nice lunch, ended up at work 15 minutes late, worked on a nice story.

That was where the puzzle started… I couldn’t get a grip on the story. There were conflicting things throughout. When I called someone for an interview, I was pretty much reading out lines of a script. I could feel myself being semi-incoherent. I could tell the guy was a little puzzled because I’ve been speaking to him for over two years now and they get sense of how good or bad you are and your style of speaking. I finished the story, I started reading an article about Toyota and mid way I realised that I should also be on the wire. For the first time ever, I completely had forgotten about it. 5 minutes but still… So I got ┬áback on the line…

On my way i realised I’d misplaced 250 dollars and nearly panicked. It was in my pocket when I last checked and now it wasn’t. Bloody hell! I searched and searched, called up people to check at work and made them also panic when I finally found it on the floor of my car.

I get home and I realise I have replied to several messages people had sent me during the day and i don’t exactly remember sending some of the messages.

That probably explained the psychotic headache where I could barely walk or keep my eyes open.

When I finally managed to fall asleep, I was woken up by some steady tapping noise. Like someone was bouncing a ball but it wasn’t so steady. Unable to open my eyes and go out and check, I called my brother sleeping in the next room. “chill! It is just the dog! Go to bed” he said.

The headache’s not gone. But the feeling on surrealness has. Amen.